Toula, Words cannot express our gratitude for your expertise in guiding our bedroom renovation this year. Your professionalism, your artistry, your patience and your boldness have all come to light at different times. And thank God for your humour... Our heartfelt thanks to you for steering our fifth project from start to finish. We couldn't be happier with the results! 

Caroline g. 


Our experience with Toula Favreau has been wonderful. We needed to update our kitchen without replacing the cupboards. Toula captured the essence of our home and personal taste perfectly and was able to create a new, modern and functional environment that integrated seamlessly with the other rooms in the house. 

She helped us to find the floor tiles, countertop, backsplash, and wall colour, and all of these in the 'right' shade of white to match the existing cupboards. Anyone who has tried to match whites knows how difficult this task can be. Throughout the process, Toula demonstrated an impressive level of expertise and professionalism. She is calm, poised and focused. Her clarity on what the space requires for the best outcome is educational as well as inspirational and Toula demonstrates exemplary attention to detail. The end result is not merely a design statement, but a reflection of who we are. 

Her secret: she always surpasses our expectations.  We will absolutely turn to Toula Favreau again for future projects.

Rita S.


In 2012, I asked Acanthus Interiors to help me with an extensive renovation of a newly purchased, 1200-square foot condo. Some areas of the apartment had hardwood flooring while other parts had dated tile. Although the existing hardwood had been installed a decade earlier, Toula managed to track down the manufacturer and order more of the same product to create seamless flooring throughout the apartment. Although the entire condo was modified to some degree, the kitchen and two bathrooms underwent complete transformations. The tiny shower stall in one of the bathrooms was enlarged by stealing closet space. Toula made up for the lost storage, however, by designing a stunning and spacious vanity unit. She also addressed electrical deficiencies; the apartment had very little artificial light so hardwired sconces were added wherever necessary. 

On the decorative side, Toula selected beautiful paint colours, furniture, rugs, art, and accessories. The living room, dining room, and den also required new window coverings. 

It was a pleasure working with Toula, her contractor and their team of experienced tradespeople. She respected my opinions and the budget set out for her. She is much more than a decorator, capable of taking on structural challenges. I am extremely happy with the way the renovation turned out and continue to call on her services whenever the need arises.

Maria B.


We live on Vancouver's West Side and have recently completed a big renovation. The house is a typical Vancouver A-frame. We went the extra mile in terms of budget in order to preserve the original exterior look. However, we transformed the interior completely into a modern-looking home. We appreciated Mrs. Favreau’s great recommendations during the process. As an interior decorator, she has superb taste and helped us balance the old with the new through an eclectic synthesis. Her understanding and expression of colours deserves special acknowledgement.

Thank you very much for all your help Mrs. Favreau!

Demet E.


I needed a storage solution for my small apartment but was uncertain as to the size required. Toula and I spent a few days decluttering my living room and then she began the search for a suitable storage unit. One of my concerns was that the new cabinet complement my existing media unit. Toula was able to find something within my budget that works beautifully with the older unit and had it installed up off the floor so that I can easily access items on the lowest shelf. She also rearranged the furniture layout. People have exclaimed how large my apartment now looks!

Toula also helped me select a sofa bed for my living room. She knows how important colour is to me and chose toss cushions that reference my artwork and moved around existing accessories for a fresh new look.

I also appreciated her taking the time to label my baskets and boxes inside the cabinets so that I can locate things at a glance. It is so much easier to keep my apartment organized now. Such a small detail but it saves time and makes me more efficient. At last someone came along who was able to organize me and months later I'm still organized! I am so pleased with the outcome. Thank you, Toula.

Florence R.


Whether it's for decisions on fireplaces for our Italian apartment or suggestions for modifying our Rocky Mountain home, Toula always inspires me with her knowledge of interior design and finishes.  She is definitely my go-to person when it comes to decision-making as she is extremely precise and thorough in her work--something I rely on with my hectic lifestyle. 



We have had the chance to work with Toula on different home projects, and each time we have enjoyed her creativity and attention to detail. We have consulted her on space planning, paint colours, furniture hardware, upholstery fabrics, bathroom materials, etc.

Above all, she is very organized and reliable, and has, on more than one occasion, nudged me when I needed to be more bold. 

Francine K.