Pre-made area rugs come in standard sizes that do not fit all rooms.

Turning broadloom carpeting into a custom rug is easy and affordable. 

Have the broadloom cut to your desired shape and size and choose from 3 edging options: fringing, binding, or serging. Your carpet retailer should know a specialist who provides this service. 

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Without a doubt velvet has made a big comeback. No longer equated with stuffy traditional style, today's velvet is at home in any decor. Plush, rich, and inviting, few textiles feel as soft and cozy on a frigid, winter's day.

Text by Acanthus Interiors Photo by Nina Holst


I am particularly excited about some new technology in home decor: Samsung's The Frame. 

Designing this flush-mount TV-Art display took two and half years and over one thousand preliminary sketches. Two modes allow you to either enjoy entertainment or art. One billion shades of colour accurately convey the hues found in the original painting and a light sensor allows the screen's brightness to adjust to ambient lighting conditions throughout the day so that the piece always looks its best.

Upload your own favourite image or choose from a library of curated art. 

Gone are the days when the TV was hidden inside a cabinet and I for one am overjoyed!

 Text by Acanthus Interiors Photo source: Samsung


When I started working in interior design back in 2005 warm metals were next to impossible to find. Gray metals were all the rage, particularly in satin or brushed finishes. The DULLER the better!

Then, about 10 years later, we started seeing a resurgence of not only brass but of less popular metals such as copper and rose gold. If you own or plan to own some of these warmer metals, allow them to take center stage. The less competition they have the better. And enjoy them, because no trend lasts forever!

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Many of us will experience a few power outages this winter. In such instances, those lucky enough to have a wood-burning or gas fireplace are able to stay warm while they wait for electricity to be restored.  

If you have not done so yet, please have your fireplace cleaned by a certified chimney sweep. Regular cleaning is an essential safety measure for wood-burning fireplaces and wood stoves since creosote can build up inside the chimney and cause a house fire.  

Gas fireplaces should also be checked. A licensed gas contractor will clean the glass as well as inspect the burner, gas valve, pilot system, door gaskets, venting and air openings.

Once you've ensured your home's safety, cosy up by the fire with a nice glass of wine. You deserve it!

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Certain colours are inherently sophisticated. Gray, for example, is an exceptionally chic neutral. But on cold winter days this colour needs a boost. I have always loved the look of gray with gold, brass, or light wood tones. They raise its colour temperature and create a striking balance. This balance is what we all crave, much like the sun breaking through cloud cover on a dreary winter's day.

Text by Acanthus Interiors Photos compiled by Acanthus Interiors Photo sources: Nest Studio Hardware and Anthropologie


Having trouble finding the perfect surface for your collectibles?

Try an acrylic console. It will take up very little visual space and it won’t compete with your objets d’art. Use transparent furniture sparingly, though. Too many of these ethereal tables will give your decorative items a ghostly, suspended look.

As with all things, moderation is key.

Text by Acanthus Interiors Photo source: Plexicraft


With technology playing an increasingly larger role in our lives, humans look for ways to keep themselves grounded. Perhaps this explains the resurgence of such simple, honest materials as grasses. More than ever, these humble plants are being transformed into an astonishingly wide variety of products.

From sumptuous grasscloth wallpaper to whimsical decor like the cacti featured here, these creations offer pattern, texture, colour and, above all, a sense of wellbeing. This is one trend that should be embraced!

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Are you itching to make changes to an underused room but not sure what your long-range plans are? Why not try a temporary fix? Buy that hammock that you've always wanted. String it up and instantly create a relaxing retreat. A good book and a small table for your wine glass will complete the picture.

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There are a number of details to consider when purchasing a new bathtub such as making sure your water heater can supply enough hot water to fill it. Tubs vary in size, holding anywhere from 25-150 gallons of water. Knowing the limitations of your hot water tank will help you select the right tub. If you really have your heart set on a larger tub, do budget for a hot water tank upgrade.

Also, if you are considering a heavier material such as cast iron, it may be necessary to reinforce the floor beneath the tub. Factor in the weight of the water and the bather in addition to the actual tub weight. 

By anticipating the additional expenses that a larger or heavier tub may incur, you might just find the renovation experience as relaxing as a bubble bath. 

Text by Acanthus Interiors Photo by Anastassio Mentis


It's no secret that interior designers love engineered quartz countertops! Quartz is nonporous making it antibacterial and resistant to stains. Natural stone, such as marble and granite, requires regular sealing but quartz counters need no such maintenance. 

In terms of appearance, quartz has come a long way and now mimics concrete and natural stone beautifully!

Avoid placing hot pans and hairstyling tools directly on your quartz surface and your counters will look brand new for decades!

Featured here are Caesarstone's 4033 Rugged Concrete and 5143 White Attica.

Text by Acanthus Interiors Photos compiled by Acanthus Interiors  Source: Caesarstone Canada


Surround yourself with colours that make you feel good. Don't overthink it and don't worry about trends! What colour would you like to see when you open your eyes in the morning? If your days start early but you're not a morning person, what colour will put a spring in your step. Soft blues and greens always make me happy. What about you?

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Making the most of every square inch of your home is essential especially in Vancouver's pricey real estate market. So convert your attic into a gorgeous home office. A spiral staircase will take up far less area on the floor below than one with a straight run. Have customized storage and a fireplace installed. A small fridge or bar cart stocked with beverages and snacks will keep you hydrated and re-energized while you work. Including a sofa bed for out-of-town guests is also a great use of this space.

Make sure to consult a professional who knows the building code in your area before you get started.

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A window is a welcome addition to any bathroom, providing ventilation and natural light. However, it is sometimes necessary to place a bathroom vanity in front of the window wall. This makes installing a mirror tricky, but not impossible.

Here is a beautiful example of a counter-mounted mirror, as well as side-mounted and ceiling-mounted options. If privacy is an issue, select a larger mirror or add an attractive window covering for a layered look.

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A book, your cell phone, a glass of water, perhaps even a pair of reading glasses...before you know it, that nightstand is looking crowded.

Hanging a pendant from the ceiling instead of using a table lamp will help reduce clutter substantially. Hire a good electrician and, if you're hanging pendants on both sides of the bed, make sure they hang at equal distance from the nightstands. 

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Sometimes a hallway can feel too long and narrow. Wood flooring laid in a diagonal pattern or patterned tiles incorporating diagonal lines are both beautiful ways to make a hallway appear wider. In cases where wood floor planks run the length of the hallway, try chopping up the expanse with a patterned carpet runner.

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Do you like to surround yourself in soothing neutrals? Great, but add some unexpected pizzazz like a patterned ceiling in the same colour palette. Choosing beautiful wallpaper for that '5th wall' will take your room from bland to breathtaking! 

Text by Acanthus Interiors Living room by RDCAAL Photo by flotowarner


Need a table in your entryway? Provided you've allowed enough width for traffic flow, introducing a narrow console with a delicate frame or one made of clear glass or acrylic will take up very little visual space. You can also try painting the piece of furniture the same colour as the walls. This will make the piece appear smaller and the entry seem less cramped. 

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There are many factors to keep in mind when hanging art. One important consideration is the size of the artwork in relation to the wall it's going on or the furniture it will hang above. In most cases, you can't go wrong if your art piece or grouping is 2/3 the width of the furniture (or wall, if there is no furniture). Hang the art about 8" from the top of the furniture with the middle of the picture or grouping hanging at eye level. For a grouping, don't space the pictures too far apart; 2 to 4 inches between items usually looks best.

Text by Acanthus Interiors Photo source:  Consort Home


Last spring I helped a client choose a beautiful area rug for his dining room. Against my advice, he purchased it too small. Thankfully after a few days he had a change of heart and was able to exchange it for the correct size.

Your dining room table and chairs must be completely on the rug, and the rug should be between two to three feet bigger than the table on all sides. When you stand up from the table, you should be able to slide your chair out without the back legs catching the edge of the rug.

The moral of this story?  Don't skimp on your rug size and ALWAYS listen to your decorator.

Text by Acanthus Interiors Dining room by Thomas Pheasant